Rera Pan 100を使ってみる

道内斜里町に拠点を持つかわうそ商店さんが今年発売した127フィルム、Rerapan 100を使ってみました。


近年の127フィルムを取り巻く状況は厳しいものがあります。1995年のKodak Gold 200の生産終了以後、細々とefke R100-127の生産を続けていたFotokemicaが2012年に事業終了。Macoはここ数年Rollei Retro 80S等を販売していましたがスプーリングを引き受けていたFotokemikaの事業終了に伴って生産終了。BluefireはKodak PortraをスプーリングしたBluefire Murano 160を非常に断続的に販売しています。




最近になってMacoが127フィルムを再び製造するという話しが出ています。かわうそ商店さんはMacoの代理店でもあり、この動向の兼ね合いで今後Rera Pan 100がどういった位置付けになるのかわかりませんが、少なくともそれまでの間を埋めるに充分な(もちろんそれ以後もですが)良いフィルムです。頑張ってもらいましょう。

なおFotokemikaに関しては、工場を文化遺産として残そうという活動があります(The Fotokemika Project)。クロアチアの産業遺産となれるでしょうか。

現像はD-76 (D-76R補充運用) 20℃8分。

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Yashica 44A / Rerapan 100
撮影地:大学村の森 (2014/4/7)

Hello everyone outside of Japan! Please enjoy this article!

I try using the Rera Pan 100

I tried using the Rerapan 100 released by Kawauso-Shoten in Shari-Chou, Hokkaido, Japan.

There are tough circumstances surrounding the 127 films in recent years. After the end of the Kodak Gold 200 of 1995, Fotokemica continued a small production of efke R100-127, but they finished the business in 2012. Maco has sold Rollei Retro 80S, etc. over the past few years, but they finished their production because there is no company that spooling. Bluefire is selling intermittently Bluefire Murano 160, spooled Kodak ESTAR base Portra.

Under such circumstances, Kawauso-Shoten begin voluntary production of B/W film. They were founded by the importation of 127 film. I think they're spooling with passion. Really great!

Spool, backing paper and case are identical to those of Maco. Fixing tape is an original design like this.
The product name "Rera" means "wind" in the "Ainu" language. "Ainu" means indigenous people of Hokkaido.
I think it's an excellent film that provides good tone.

There are rumors that Maco to manufacture 127 film again more recently. Kawauso-Shoten is a distributor of Maco in Japan. I don't know Rera Pan 100 get what the future position after the release of Maco's 127 film. But, it is good enough film to fill during the absence. Even after that, of course.

By the way, there is good news for Fotokemika. New activities (The Fotokemika Project) began to leave as a cultural heritage of their factory. I hope that they will be industrial heritage of Croatia.

Develop: D-76 (D-76R replenished) 20 degrees 8 minutes
Fog on the right was caused by handling of the loading before and after. There is no practical problem this degree, but I think that's safe, to put the case to it as soon as possible. Big ray leakage does not occur when the winding is correct, because it is acetate-based.

Yashica 44A / Rerapan 100
Location: Forest of university village in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan (4/7/2014)

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